Do you walk through life longing to live in authentic alignment with your true potentiality?  Or maybe you just find yourself shying away from doing the things that truly capture your heart and soul. Are you ready to unlock your inherent creativity and hidden gifts?  What is the untapped golden seed in your heart?

Join us in beautiful Joshua Tree to create a deeper relationship with yourself, allowing you to live your life more fully expressed.


Our Retreat Home

Our retreat home will be Joshua Tree’s Mentalphysics Spiritual Teaching Institute. The magic and mystery of the land is undeniable. Master teachers as prominent as Yogananda, Jack Kornfield, and Ram Dass recognized the power of this hidden jewel, and have taught in the very space where our circle will meet. Sitting on over 400 acres of pristine desert land and having an astounding 18 vortices, this unique terrain serves as a natural amplifier of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energies and frequencies. Held between breath taking sun rises and magnificent night skies, this space will support you in finding clarity on your journey and encourage your spirit to thrive.

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Our Journey

During this 3-day retreat, beloved modern mystic Chiara Stella will guide you on a journey to connect more deeply with your authentic self. She will share ways with you how to release self-limiting beliefs, allowing you to discover yourself from new perspectives. You will experience a beautifully composed harmony of ritual, ceremony, body movement, breath work, meditation, archetypal energies, and sound. You will be held in a safe and loving container allowing you to develop a sweeter relationship to your heart of knowing and step more fully into your own unique power.


Our Soul Food

Your nourishing vegan and vegetarian meals will be provided by beautiful chef Katie Hartman, owner of Balsamic Mercy. Katie is a renown and sought after chef in the retreat and festival realm, catering the biggest yoga events across the country. The loving energy with which she prepares every one of her signature creations is an integral a part of this retreat. Her cuisine knows no convention; everything is made from scratch. Of her commitment and passion, Katie says “In addition to bountiful deliciousness, it is my sincere intention to help make it easier for you to do the spiritual work you came to do by ensuring the kitchen and dining area is a safe place where you can trust you'll be cared for and nourished.” Any special dietary needs you may have will be accommodated.




Chiara Stella

Retreat Leader & Modern Mystic Extraordinaire

Chiara’s teaching style is intuitive and from the heart, reminding us of the interconnectedness of all of life. The practice is a loving prayer, a ritual to dive deeper into the body and awaken inner wisdom. Her passion is to help people connect to their own inner knowing, remembering their soul’s journey, connecting with their spirit through a peaceful, mindful practice by following the guidance of the seasons, the elements, the stars, the moon and the sun. Chiara creates experiences drawing from her many studies in Pranayama, Shamanism, Metaphysics, Astrology, Yoga philosophy, Mythology, Sound Healing, Light Therapy, and Ayurveda. A wild woman at heart and deeply connected to the rhythm of nature invokes the free spirit in many she meets. Her presence is deeply nurturing. Often seen as a cosmic being, Chiara finds grounding in her 4 children.


Leela Rae

Retreat Producer & Mystic Apprentice

Leela’s heart fire is to create conscious synergies to support people in the discovery of their soul’s journey, both for the benefit of their individual expansion as well as that of the collective. Having been referred to as a weaver and portal opener, Leela utilizes energy vision to concert harmonies between unique wisdom keepers carrying teachings for a new paradigm. Besides producing conscious events and working with modern mystics, Leela is expanding into the healing field of breath work.


Kerem Brulé

Sound Magician

Kerem is a multi-instrumental healing musician highly sought after in San Diego as a contributor to transformational workshops, retreats and trainings as a live soundscape artist. As the owner of Beautiful Sounds, Kerem shares the amazing healing instruments she has discovered on her path, and trains wellness professionals how to easily incorporate live healing sounds and vibrations into their unique work in the world. Her unique sound journey experience features beautiful live looping of vocals and a wide variety of instruments from around the world.


The Exchange

What’s included?

• 2 Nights accommodation**
• Vegetarian meals (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
• Daily classes and meditations
• Full Moon rituals
• Special ceremonies
• Magical Landscape
• Sacred circle & friends


*Discounted price for shared room in double occupancy

QUESTIONS? Please contact Leela Rae at


All prices are per person in USD.
A non-refundable deposit of $250 reserves your space.
Full/Final payment is due 7/15/19.
If cancelling prior to 7/15/19, a refund minus deposit of $250 will be issued on payments made in full.
No refund for cancellations after 7/15/19.